October 7, 2019

Cupcakes and Champagne 2019 Recap

To kick-off Domestic Violence Action Month, YWCA Spokane Staff, Board Members, and Mission Partners gathered together at the Steam Plant to launch our local End The Silence campaign this October.

Purple Everywhere

Together we watched the Steam Plant’s stacks turn purple in support of Domestic Violence Action Month. This will be the start of many businesses and individuals displaying purple throughout October to visually show their support for this movement. The stacks will be lit purple for the first half of October, the second half they will be lit pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Attendees of the Cupcakes & Champagne event wore purple as well to show their support against intimate partner violence. Purple is a representation of peace, courage, survival, honor, and a dedication to end violence.

Thank you to those who provided raffle prizes for guests to enjoy including golf lessons, artwork from Atticus Coffee & Gifts, and massage gift certificates. It was wonderful to see staff and our community partners join together to share their passion and focus for helping survivors.

Thank You!

We are so grateful to our event sponsors, Allstate Agency Owner Trish Nicholls and Sweet Frostings Blissful Bakeshop! Delicious cupcakes, champagne, and appetizers were provided for guests to enjoy during the celebration.

Thank you to Nicole Nimens, YWCA Education and Outreach Coordinator, for organizing the Cupcakes & Champagne and other local events and activities in support of Domestic Violence Action Month.

If you or our place of work are interested in scheduling an intimate partner violence and prevention training or plan to engage in YWCA Spokane’s End The Silence campaign, please contact Nicole Nimens at nicolen@ywcaspokane.org or call 509-789-9290. YWCA Spokane is here to support and the community’s wellbeing every step of the way.

We are grateful for the ability to acknowledge Domestic Violence Action Month as a community-supported effort. Thank you to all who join us as we come together to end the silence.

October is YWCA Spokane’s 4th annual End The Silence Campaign

A growing number of individuals, institutions, organizations, and businesses are pledging to End The Silence by engaging in a full month of events and activities designed to promote healthy relationships, end victim-blaming, and let victims and survivors know they are not alone.

Throughout October, YWCA Spokane will encourage our community to speak up, speak out, and visually show their commitment against the devastating silence that surrounds intimate partner violence. We also encourage community members to practice and teach healthy relationship practices, especially with children so they may practice healthy relationships as adults.

End the Silence Press Release 

To achieve this goal, we have a four-pronged End the Silence Campaign Goal. It is:

  1. Awareness: Increase awareness in our community about services available for domestic violence survivors.
  2. Education: Provide domestic violence training, resources, and campaign materials for individuals and businesses, including tools explaining how to help if someone you know is in an abusive relationship.
  3. Allyship: Build partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and educational institutions who want to take a stand against intimate partner violence and show victims they are not alone, we are here together as support, and we will no longer be silent about intimate partner violence.
  4. Prevention: Make conversations about relationship dynamics and how to treat each other with respect a common practice. Provide opportunities for meaningful discussions about healthy relationships at the dinner table and in everyday situations with those we love, including our children.

Community members and local businesses are asked to identify themselves as allies for intimate partner violence victims through a series of easy ways they can join this movement and make a difference this October. Learn how you can help end the silence in your everyday life through events, support, online presence, and education.

End The Silence 2019 

Please see our gallery below for photos from the event. Photography provided by Lauren Kial Photo.

By: Drew Swanson

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