November 8, 2016

Celebrating Women and Domestic Violence Survivors

Join us For A Sculpture Unveiling and Art Walk Celebrating Women and Domestic Violence Survivors

During First Friday art walk on December 2nd, 2016, from 5:00pm – 7:30pm, at 930 N Monroe Street, YWCA Spokane will unveil a sculpture dedicated to survivors of domestic violence. Additional works of art by local artists will be displayed at this public gathering. Each piece will honor, celebrate, and acknowledge aspects of a woman’s journey.


Debra Garrett, Spokane philanthropist and passionate YWCA supporter, reached out to YWCA Spokane with an offer to commission a work of art dedicated to a survivor’s journey, created by local visual artist Ildikó Kalapács. The sculpture, installed by the entrance to the YWCA Spokane’s Alternative To Domestic Violence Program’s entryway, serves as a symbol of the partnership between the YWCA and a survivor’s dedication to a new beginning.

Five of Garrett’s family members have been directly impacted by domestic violence. “I wanted to honor my family members and the many others who survive domestic violence,” expressed Garrett, “and the courage it takes to walk through the YWCA’s doors looking for peace, shelter, and an opportunity to begin again.”


The bronze cast sculpture created by Kalapács, titled Refuge, depicts a woman and her two children standing on a foundation that reads “ENTER HERE FOR PEACE”. With her arms around them, she guides her children through a doorway that symbolizes the fortitude of a domestic violence survivor and the start of a new life.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I have been keenly aware of the uncertain and painful domestic situations of some women and their children, including my mother’s and many other women’s sufferings in my larger family and neighborhood back in Hungary,” stated Kalapács. “Solidarity with those who leave unbearable family situations is what this sculpture is about.  Lifting them up, making them feel safe and loved.”

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In addition to Garrett’s and Kalapács contribution, implementation of this symbolic piece required a collaborative effort of local business partners Walla Walla Foundry and Mel’s Custom Cabinets.

Enjoy photos documenting Kalapács’ journey while creating this symbolic work of art.

By: Erica Schreiber

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