December 24, 2015

Becky’s Story

ClientStory_BeckyBecky never thought she would spend almost three years in prison. She had a great family and a typical childhood, but the events that occurred after that were not typical—not for Becky at least.

“I took a wrong turn and made some really bad choices, and I ended up in prison,” Becky said. “It’s really important that I share my story so I can help other women.”

Becky shares her story because she knows there may be other women in the community who need someone talk to, and she wants to be that person who helps. After years in an abusive relationship, she became addicted to drugs and then needed funds to continue the addiction, so she stole money. Becky was placed in prison at the Eleanor Chase House Work Release and found the Women’s Opportunity Center at the YWCA of Spokane in January 2013.

“One of the things that was presented to me was this facility,” she said, “we were given a tour and told of all the opportunities here. We were welcomed with open arms without judgment.”
Becky has found part-time employment, but still comes into the center two days a week to volunteer and still looking for a better job, “I get help when I need it and the comfort level is immense. My self-esteem has been restored and rebuilt through classes I’ve attended. I recommend this program to all women that I come in contact with.”
“It’s a loving, caring environment where you learn who you are, and what your next step is in the future.” 
Becky’s plan for the future is to complete her time with the work release program and rebuild what she has lost, “I’m working to finish my degree in computer science. I see myself playing with my three grandchildren and devoting my life to my family to re-establish those relationships. I also want to devote my life to helping other women overcome some of the obstacles in their lives.”

“I’m here to change my life,” Becky added. “I want to always be involved with the YWCA in one way or another.”

By: Erica Schreiber

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