June 28, 2017

Be Charmed with Isabella

Isabella Alvarez is an amazing young women. Though she is only 14 years old, she already seeks ways in which to help the people in her surrounding community.

In February, Isabella’s church, Turning Point Open Bible, hosted an event called “Cherished,” a Valentine’s Day outreach event. Women and children from YWCA Spokane’s domestic violence safe shelter were bussed to the church and given a proper salon treatment: manicures, massages, and gorgeous new hairstyles! In addition, there were crafting opportunities available, free gourmet teas and coffees, and an elegant dinner and dessert. Specifically for local women in crisis–and the church’s own group of single mothers–Turning Point wanted to let these women and children know how valued and worthy they are of love and pampering.

Isabella was one of the volunteers helping with the activities planned during “Cherished,” and she couldn’t help but notice all the women with their kids, and “felt deeply moved with the struggle they were…going through.” She applied and was approved for the Youth United Way Mini Grant, also supported by WSECU. These small endowments are available for young minds like Isabella who wish to address specific needs within the community, and cover up to $300 of project expenses for youth volunteers.

Isabella’s project, affectionately dubbed “Be Charmed,” was to create around 100 charm necklaces for the children at the YWCA’s woman’s shelter. Crafted with the help of six friends, the charm necklaces symbolized something simple, yet powerful: those children were not alone in their struggles, nor were they forgotten.

Each charm is handmade out of clay that is baked, glazed, put on a chain, and packaged with a special message. The charms were molded into a variety of shapes, including “[P]okémon, animals, food, flowers,” and “matching friendship charms.”

YWCA Spokane is in awe of the thoughtful work Isabella and her team put into this creative project. In addition, we appreciate Turning Point Open Bible and their amazing efforts to support the women in their communities!

By: Kayla Newton

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