YWCA Spokane 2020 Annual Report

فئات: تأثير, آخر, قصص نجاح

YWCA Spokane’s 2020 Impact Report

YWCA Spokane is proud to serve over 16,500 women, children, and families in 2020 who were impacted by domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, and unemployment.

بدعم من أنت ، تواصل YWCA Spokane دورها كقوة لإحداث تغيير حقيقي ودائم. 

في عام مليء بالعوائق غير المتوقعة والاحتياجات غير المسبوقة ، مكننا دعمك من التكيف والاستمرار في خدمة مجتمعنا عندما كانوا في أمس الحاجة إلينا. شكرا لك! 

اطبع بيان تأثير YWCA Spokane لعام 2020.
  • 5,012 ضحايا عنف الشريك الحميم تلقوا دعمًا طارئًا عبر خط المساعدة السري الذي يعمل على مدار 24 ساعة ،
  • 628 وجدت النساء والأطفال الهاربين من العلاقات المسيئة مكانًا آمنًا للإقامة من خلال خدمات المأوى والإسكان لدينا ،
  • 4,998 وجدت الناجيات المشورة والمساعدة القانونية والتعليم والمجتمع من خلال خدماتنا المجانية والسرية ،
  • 3,675 الأطفال المتأثرون بالعنف الأسري يتلقون خدمات واعية بالصدمات تقطع دورات الفقر والعنف لسنوات قادمة ،
  • 1,033 اكتسبت النساء مهارات وأدوات جديدة لازمة للنجاح في الحياة ، بما في ذلك الاستعداد للعمل والمدرسة والتعليم المالي ،
  • 1,353 الأطفال وأسرهم منخرطون في برامج الرعاية المبكرة ومرحلة ما قبل المدرسة التي تركز على إعداد الأطفال للنجاح في المدرسة الابتدائية وما بعدها.

نشكرك على التزامك تجاه من نخدمهم كل يوم ، ولاختيارك أن تكون شريكًا ماليًا ضروريًا في مهمتنا للقضاء على العنصرية وتمكين المرأة وتعزيز السلام والعدالة والحرية والكرامة للجميع.

Learn more about Jeanette Hauck, new YWCA Spokane CEO.

Money & Mission

YWCA Spokane key partners In 2020

The dedication of our key partner to YWCA Spokane’s mission makes our work possible. We are so grateful for the steadfast commitment our staff, board, and community partners provide in service to our clients each and every day. Thank you to the below 2020 partners for making a life-changing impact on the thousands of lives we served throughout the year, during a pandemic!

Thank you to our Amazing Staff

With the invaluable support and unwavering dedication of 80 amazing staff members, YWCA Spokane was able to create a safe, trauma-sensitive environment that fostered opportunities for healing, empowerment, and the chance for new beginnings. Those are no words to thank this team enough for all they do each and every day.

Thank you to our Board of Directors

We are forever grateful to our Board of Directors. Their collective skills, knowledge, and leadership provided invaluable guidance to our agency. Their unwavering dedication to YWCA Spokane’s mission lived out through their passions, expertise, insight, and resource is what catapults our organization forward. For their service, loyalty, and commitment to those we serve, we are so grateful.

Thank You To Our Volunteers & Community

In 2020, 168 volunteers contributed 4,261 hours of their time, skills, and service to YWCA Spokane! This amazing gift to our agency saved YWCA Spokane an estimate of $106,525 in 2020! Truly amazing! In addition, we received outstanding support from YOU our community. We were able to pivot during a pandemic to virtual fundraising and you didn’t hesitate to meet our call for support. We can’t thank you enough.

Thank You To Our Mission Partners

Mission Partners of YWCA Spokane are committed to bringing peace, justice, freedom, and dignity to our Spokane community by creating a foundation that allows for real and lasting change. Together, we work to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families and strengthen our community. Mission Partners invest a significant 3-year contribution that provides a lifeline for women and children in Spokane through our work at YWCA Spokane. This critical financial support bridges the gap between the expenses we incur while serving clients and the grants we receive from state, local, and private parties.

2020 Community Partners & Visionary Leaders

We couldn’t do this work without the ongoing support of our governmental and community partners. So many individuals and organizations came together in 2020 to partner with YWCA Spokane in order to provide unwavering services to women, men, children, and families in our community. We can’t thank you enough!


Congratulations To Our 2020 Women of Achievement Honorees

Outstanding women in our community were honored during our virtual awards celebration. We honored the accomplishments and contributions of women who epitomizes what it means to be a champion for our community.

الفائزون بجائزة المرأة في الإنجاز لعام 2020

Watch YWCA’s 2020 Women of Achievement Virtual Awards

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Client Stories Shared

Thank You For Your Support In 2020 & Going Forward!

Support from friends like you allow YWCA Spokane to continue to provide critical programs and services to women, men, children, and families in our community when they need it most. Thank you for your continued support of our work and mission! Learn more about YWCA Spokane’s impact.