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This series of guided meditations and relaxation techniques seeks to empower viewers to practice mindfulness in small, impactful moments.

While our Mental Health Therapy team created this series with clients in mind, anyone can access the videos and use the techniques. These videos can help us wind down and relax at night before bed, create a morning ritual to set intentions for the day, and be used any time we’re experiencing high anxiety. The benefits of mindfulness include reduced stress & anxiety and improved focus.

All of the videos can also be found on our YouTube page.

The healing capabilities of movement are well known, and allow us to take an active role in nourishing personal well-being. This walking meditation will provide guidance to help you be present in the moment while in motion. It can be completed in various environments and adapted for ranges of time.

Together, we’ll walk through a guided imagery to help us calm and relax our bodies while also honoring the wisdom and history it has to share with us. Join Melva in a few moments of mindfulness and learn how to ground yourself and feel more rooted in this present moment. This is helpful for those that struggle with connecting their mind and their body and for those looking to relax and honor the story within.

Magic Bubble Blower is a guided meditation geared to help children manage anxiety and regain control of their thoughts while helping them to relax. Melva will guide you each step of the way, bring your imagination with you as we build a magic bubble blower and watch our worries float away. Parents and children are encouraged to do this meditation together.

In this guided exercise, we begin to learn that our thoughts can come and go more or less on their own, just like leaves floating down a stream. The skills learned with this exercise can be helpful in getting unstuck from difficult thoughts as we begin to simply notice our thoughts, rather than get caught up in thoughts.

The Lightstream Technique is a guided visualization. It can help you ground or self-soothe, or reduce a sense of pain you are experiencing , whether that is emotional or physical.

This guided meditation can help if you notice you are having difficulty getting out of a negative thought loop by focusing on visualizations and redirecting your thoughts to more positive feelings. This exercise may be difficult to focus on at first. That’s ok. It will get easier with time and practice.

There are many different types of progressive muscle relaxations. This one focuses on relaxing one body part or muscle group at a time, working our way up from our toes to our heads. This can help release tension stored in your body and self-soothe. Some people find this useful at night time to help fall asleep.

This meditation can help us relax, develop our emotional intelligence, and feel more connected to ourselves and others.

Calm Place is a method commonly used in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, but it can be helpful for anyone who deals with anxiety or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Brit will guide you through the process of creating and mindfully experiencing your calm place.