Essentials is designed to help survivors gain awareness, self-confidence, motivation, and skills necessary to successfully obtain and retain employment while moving through and healing from trauma. Many participants are experiencing one or more life barriers including domestic violence, mental health concerns, homelessness, or unemployment.

  • Why it is Successful
    • Essentials proven success is due to meeting each participant where they are at, seeing each person as the expert in their own life, suspending judgment, and holding a safe space for healing, grieving, processing, and motivation.
  • Who Qualifies
    • Essentials was created through a partnership with DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services) to provide a 12-week intensive program for mothers receiving TANF services who have been exempt from actively participating in their normal WorkFirst activities. This exemption is approved by their DSHS case manager and includes varying circumstances that prevent a client from successfully fulfilling normal WorkFirst activities. Examples include pregnancy, a family violence component, or other mental or physical barriers.
  • Program Intention
    • Each Essentials participant’s goal is to move on to meaningful activities upon graduation. This step may include looking for work, going back to school, or transitioning into another training program.
  • How to Enroll
    • Currently, enrollment requires a referral from your DSHS case manager. Please speak to your case manager about details. If additional information is needed, please contact Kim, Essential Program Manager, at 509.789.9287 or email her at