February 5, 2019

Spokane Fire Department Discovers Antique YWCA Silver

Thank you to the City Spokane Fire Department for rescuing two antique safes found at YWCA Spokane’s old facility, prior to the building being demolished.

Our appreciation also goes out to the current building owner, Larry Stone, for asking the Fire Department to return these pieces of YWCA’s 116-year history back to our agency. Several amazing artifacts were discovered including engraved silver platters, candelabras, and tea settings.

In addition, handmade pottery created by local artists were found, including early pieces by Dorothy Fowler. Fowler is an internationally known sculptor who was well known for her bronze installation memorializing Lt. Col. Michael P. Anderson in the convention center breezeway overlooking River Park Square.

Inside the larger safe, a smaller safe was stored away. Together with local news, we watched at the safe was opened to discover additional documents from past donors.

This event provided a special reflection on the many ways the Spokane community has contributed to YWCA Spokane while serving the community for well over a century.

See photos of the antique silver and the media event about this incredible find below!

By: Olivia Moorer

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