About Us


2022 Annual Report

YWCA Spokane is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.


Be the leader in providing inclusive, trauma-informed services for healing and personal growth through advocacy, education, empowerment and meaningful access. YWCA Spokane believes in a community where all women and children have a safe place to live. A place where women have the opportunity to earn a livable wage and families can live free from violence, in peace, and with dignity.


  • EMPOWERMENT |  Provide clients, each other, and ourselves with encouragement and tools to promote independence and self-confidence. Motivate and uplift by providing meaningful resources and celebrating accomplishments.
  • EQUITY | Engage in the ongoing fight against racism and pro-actively strive to be anti-racist. Deliver services with dignity and respect while acknowledging unique differences and individual circumstances. Seek out opportunities to learn and practice equity in the workplace and in the community.      
  • COLLABORATION | Engage in clear and transparent sharing of information to establish a culture of trust and integrity. Build strong relationships with each other and the community, outside agencies, and other individuals to work towards a shared vision of justice, freedom, and dignity for all.
  • INNOVATION | Lean into the unknown with curiosity, trust, and a willingness to explore new ways to serve our community. We thrive and grow at the edge of our comfort, accepting both mistakes and successes as tools for continued learning.

Bringing our mission to life

Since 1903, YWCA Spokane has been helping women and children overcome social, economic, and personal barriers in order to accomplish their goals and achieve healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Today our areas of focus include supporting victims of intimate partner domestic violence (DV) regardless of gender, fostering economic advancement of women, and promoting early childhood education and support for families.

In addition to providing free, confidential, and trauma-informed programs and services to over 15,000 members of our community in and around the Spokane area every year, YWCA is also focused on breaking generational cycles of violence and confronting racial and social justice issues impacting our clients and our community and serving as a voice for what is right, fair, and just.

We embrace our mission through a continuum of wrap-around services including:

  • 24-hour helpline services,
  • confidential safe shelter services,
  • safety planning and mental health therapy,
  • child advocacy and youth prevention work,
  • civil legal assistance and legal advocacy for survivors,
  • financial education and advocacy,
  • job training, mentorship, and skill building opportunities.

In addition, we offer innovative low-barrier solutions for people in need of a home, which include homelessness prevention, diversion, rapid re-housing, transitional housing, and longer-term permanent supportive housing.

Our early childhood education and early care programs for low-income families provide children with holistic, evidence-based support designed to prepare them for success with elementary school and beyond.

We empower survivors to choose treatment pathways that best meet their needs and align with their safety concerns. By working at the intersections of inequality, poverty, and domestic violence, YWCA Spokane is able to disrupt longstanding societal patterns of trauma.

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