April 29, 2024

2024 Equity for All – Recap

Thank you for joining this courageous conversation!

Last Thursday, April 25th, we hosted Equity for All at the Hive with a distinguished panel of maternal health community leaders. Over 120 people attended either in person or online, creating a powerful atmosphere. Before the panel, we had a musical duo perform and jingle dance. The panelist shared experiences and perspectives from the Indigenous, Latina, and Black birthing communities. They outlined what support can look like for the whole family and called for systemic change and accountability. After the panel, two special hand drum songs closed out the event.

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Take Action!

Continue advancing equity beyond this year’s Equity for All. From learning, advocating, and funding, there are many ways to continue to show up for social justice.

Photo Gallery


  • Amara Boyd
  • The photographs were taken by Natalia Marie Photography for Indigenous Milk Medicine Week 2023 in Spokane, WA in collaboration with Megan Macy, a local lactation counselor.
  • The six paintings were by Shantell Jackson.
  • Alondra sang Serial Recluse while Anna accompanied her on piano.
  • Sara Palmer-Janier did a healing jingle dress dance.
  • Vanessa Pete closed out the event with two hand drum songs and shared her personal connection to music and drumming.
  • Dr. Shari Clarke, a three time nationally recognized, award-winning diversity educator – moderator.
  • Prosparetti Coleman, founder and director of I Hear You Sis – panelist.
  • Monica Guzman, Latinos en Spokane social worker and doula – panelist.
  • Symetria Gongyin, heɫmxiɫp Indigenous Birth Justice – panelist.
  • Dr. Melodi Wynne, Spokane Tribal Network – panelist.

By: Jemma Riedel-Johnson

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