2023 Visionary Leaders

January 2, 2024

2023 Visionary Leaders

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Visionary Leaders make transformational change possible through their leadership, influence and annual giving of $1000 or more.

We are so thankful to each and every one of these 2023 Visionary Leaders. Collectively, they gave nearly $450,000 in 2023. These gifts transformed lives, supported new violence prevention programs, and covered gaps in grant funding for YWCA programs and services.

Thank you to our 2023 Visionary Leaders!

Mary Alberts

Kimberly Allen

Shalena Armstrong

Alicia Barbieri

Clinton Barnes

Nancy Barthelmess

Briana Berner

Leyna Bernstein and Brian Parker

Katie Bray

Janet Brougher

Lisa Brown

Kristi Burns

Bonnie Bush

Mary Cameron

Kay Carnes

Lindy Cater

Jennifer Chaparro

Camille Christiansen

Carla Cicero

David and Mari Clack

Rick Clark

Bob Cooke

Lisa and Ron Craig

Peggy and Keith Currie

Gail Daehlin

Amalie and Steve Day

Helen Donigan

In memory of Wilma

Patsy Etter

Marlene and Russ Feist

Jonathon Ferraiuolo

Bruce Fitterer and Sally Aiken

Mireya and Steele Fitzloff

Harold Fix

Nicole Floyd

Laura and Joe Frank

Anna Franklin

Kyndra Gamache

Sheila Gates-Ping and Frank Ping

Jacqui Gibson

Katie and Benjamin Gilsdorf

George and Lila Girvin

Cari Grandstaff

Kathleen Greco

Gaye Hallman

Erica and Robert Hallock

Carol Haugen

Jeanette Hauck

JR & PJ Hawley

Carole and Gary Hemingway

Richard and Carol Hendershot

Linda and Mark Hendricksen

Deanna Hildenbrand

Latisha Hill

Frank Hoover

Dr. Christine Johnson Ph.D.

John Kleiderer

Larry Krauter

Carol J. Landa-McVicker

Shannon Larkin

Denny and Lainey LaRue

Lance and Lisa Laurier

Laura Lawton

Joe and Yvonne Mark

Thayne and Julie McCulloh

Sandra McKee

Joan Menzies

Kerrisan Meyer

Mary Jo Moore

Emily Morgan

Scott and Liz Morris

Dana Morris Lee and Bob Lee

Annie Murphey

Eileen O'Donnell

Jessica Pakootas

Kim and Rick Pearman-Gillman

Chris Petek

Molly Philopant

Laurie Powers

Sally Pritchard and Tom Tremaine

Ben Richardson

Heather and Eric Rosentrater

Scott and Belinda Ross

JoAnn Rounseville

Mima and Mike Scarpelli

Nancy Schaub

Mildred Scheel

Julie and Brian Schmidt

Susan Scott

Becky Sechler Patnoi

Jeri Self-Merritt

Lisa and Jeff Shaffer

Jim Sheehan

Nicole Sherman

Scott and Mary Shrode

Lisa Simpson

Nikki Smith

Yvonne Esquibel Smith

Aaron Smith

Tighe and Marybeth Smith

Michelle Sodorff

Virla Spencer

Susan Stacey

Donna and Mark Stambaugh

Ashley Steward Cameron

Leon Strawn

Emily Sumner

Deborah and Phil Svoboda

Mitch and Kris Swenson

Pam Tajima Praeger

Terry Thoren

Brett Thompson

Phebe Thompson

Katherine Titus

Judith Titus

Richard and Barbara Umbdenstock

Jim Vernon

Laura and Andy Vickers

Vanessa Waldref

Dan Webster

Cheryl Weixel and Kristin Carriere

Harold Westbrook

David Wheeler

Betsy Wilkerson

Erika and AZ Zaman

Steven and Nichole Zamora

Johnston-Fix Foundation

George F. Jewett Foundation

Elizabeth Pool Charitable Trust

Alvin & Jane Wolff Fund

Hayes Family Fund at Seattle Foundation

Pritchard Family Charitable Foundation

Stacey and Anne Cowles

Sweet Giving Account

Yeend Family Trust

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By: Briana Berner

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