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October 24, 2022

Recap | October Pathways Forward: Centering Survivors

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Local experts join ywca spokane to discuss impacts to domestic violence survivors of current legislative changes

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During this year’s Week Without Violence, YWCA Spokane was joined by Sarah Dixit, Public Affair Manager of Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington & North Idaho, and Gonzaga Law Professor Mary Path Truethart, to engage with the community in a progress-minded conversation about how domestic violence survivors have been impacted by recent legislative changes. As always, our CEO, Jeanette, displayed exceptional guidance in leading this powerful discussion.

The lunch hour flew by! Our participants were so engaged, came with great questions, and raised problems they are seeing in our community. Thank you to those who were able to join us and contribute to this community dialog.

Huge THANK YOU to Sarah and Mary Pat for sharing their time and expertise with us! We are grateful to have such knowledgeable resources in Spokane.

We hope you stay engaged as we continue to hold critical discussions about issues that affect our community and impact our work through this Pathways Forward series. The solutions to address domestic violence should involve all of us because it impacts all of us. Thank you to all that continue to do this work.

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By: Lara Estaris

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