September 24, 2018

2018 Get Out The Vote

Your Voice, Your Vote, Your Future

“As we approach our 160th anniversary celebration and face one of the most critical moments in our history, I am thrilled to share with you two major YWCA initiatives, each designed to mobilize and elevate women—particularly women of color—as the critical force that we are in advancing policy solutions.
Women are the difference makers—in our families, our workplaces, our communities, and our country.

Time and time again, it is women who, when confronted with the gut-wrenching challenges of our time—sexual harassment, racism, economic adversity, and more –find the strength to get us to a better place. We make change for the better through our actions, through our voices, and through our vote.”
-Alejandra Y. Castillo, YWCA USA CEO

The YWCA Spokane is pleased to be part of the YWCA USA’s Nationwide Campaign, Get Out the Vote! This campaign is in partnership with When We All Vote, a national non-partisan organization that focuses on making sure that all voices are heard during the election season. We have partnered with them to make sure that all people in Spokane have the opportunity to vote this November. Our Get Out the Vote Campaign will be localized here in Spokane. This year, YWCA USA has a goal of getting 10,000 Americans registered. We are on a mission with YWCAs all over the country to make that number a reality. We are committed to getting Spokane residents registered and voting! Your vote matters!

Mark your calendars

The registration deadline for online or mail-in registration is October 8th. The registration for in-person new voter registration is October 29th. Election Day is November 6th. Make sure your voice is heard this election season! Register to vote today!

How do you register? Text us!

YWCA USA and YWCA Spokane will register you to vote! Just text YWCA18 to 788-683 to get started. That’s it! Becoming a registered voter can all take place on your cellphone.

You can also register to vote online through the YWCA, by mail once you’ve requested a mail in ballot for Washington State, or in person at your local county elections office.

But remember, the deadline to register online or by mail is October 8th and the deadline to register in person is October 29th!

See us in person!

We will be all over Spokane this season getting our county registered! Come see us at YWCA Spokane at 930 N Monroe St., Spokane, WA 99201. We will also be at The Community Building on September 22nd from 2:00pm-4:00pm; and, at EWU’s Multicultural Festival from 10:00am-2:00pm on October 3rd. Come see us at any of these places and we will get you registered!

When do you cast your ballot?

Election Day is November 6th. You can mail in your ballot, or you can drop them off before or on Election Day at a local ballot drop-off. If you aren’t sure where to go, you can find your local ballot drop-offs online.

Who is eligible to vote?

Everyone! In the state of Washington, if you are a Washington resident and US citizen, will turn 18 before November 6th, and are not under the authority of the Department of Corrections, then you are eligible to cast your vote!

If you aren’t sure, you can review the Washington State voter eligibility page.

Why should you vote?

Because it’s important that every voice is heard, and elections are a great way of making that happen. By voting, you are ensuring your elected officials are able to represent you and your community’s needs. It is your constitutional right to vote, and to make sure that your values are heard by our representatives. Make sure you are part of the greatest act of democracy in our country. Vote in this year’s election. We are on a mission. Join us!

“If American women would increase their voting turnout by 10% I think we would see an end to all the budget cuts in the programs benefiting women and children.”

Coretta Scott King

By: Rachel Dannen

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